Looking to Troubleshoot a Problem?

The average useful life expectancy of a water heater can vary, and there are many variables that can impact how long a tank will last.

Below are a few things you can check before giving us a call.

If you have no hot water:

…and your tank is electric:

  1. check fuses and breaker panel to ensure nothing there is the cause
  2. make sure you have a working 20 amp fuse or a double pole 20 amp breaker
  3. confirm that a plumbing issue is not the cause of the not hot water problem

…and your tank is gas:

  1. ensure the venting outside is clear of snow, ice buildup, any debris and/or other possible obstructions
  2. please look to ensure the cord for the ventor-motor is plugged in for power (if applicable to your style of tank)
  3. ensure your gas supply hasn’t been shut off

…and your tank is tankless water heater:

  1. ensure that outside venting is clear of obstructions
  2. turn the unit off, wait 2 minutes, turn on, and phone us at 705.417.0325
  3. please look to ensure the cord is plugged in for power

Other Problem

If there isn’t ENOUGH hot water, your water is rust colored, has an odor, or there are sounds coming from the water heater: Call us at 705.417.0325 and we’ll dispatch a technician for service.

If you notice water leakage around the tank: please turn off the water valve going into your tank and call us at 705.417.0325.

Service Calls

In the event services to the water heater are required, please call 705-417-0325, any time of day or night.

Agilis Home does not cover costs of repairs originating from other sources such as electrical or plumbing , gas shutoffs; or damages incurred through customer or unauthorized third parties, flood, fire, accident, or other insurable risks. You will be responsible for any damage done to the water heater including via unauthorized third parties, fire, flood, accident or other insurable risks.